19 April 2011

Tales of Borneo: Sepilok

After a comparably smoother return journey to Borneo, we took a short drive to the Sepilok Orangutan rehabilitation centre. With a nursery and adjoining forest reserve, the centre helps to raise and release orangutans back into the wild. The main attraction is feeding time, when bananas and milk are provided for the orangutans. The centre stress that the food provided never changes, as it will force the orangutans to find food in the wild, ensuring a balanced diet and that essential survival skills are learnt.

Below is Ringo, one of the males in the sanctury, and an unknown mother and baby.

From top to bottom: Ringo perched on a high-wire; portrait of a macaque; orangutans eating bananas; lunch on the go.

PS: The free food on offer attracts a huge number of macaques, who squabble over the leftovers. In order for the orangutans to get their share the park keepers scare the macaques away with long sticks until the orangutans have their fill.


  1. hello ian. wow u are super talented! im from brunei and i have never thought of travelling around borneo until i see ur pictures. fifah here btw. :)

  2. Thanks Fi, I guess it's true that you don't pay attention to something on your doorstep. I was a bit skeptical about the trip at first, but am so glad I went now.