18 April 2011

Tales of Borneo: Selingan III

There are usually turtles landing every night to lay their eggs, which also means there are hatchlings to release back into the sea every night as well. As before, lights were an issue because the hatchlings follow the reflection of the moon out to sea. When the time came, there was just one park ranger standing knee deep in the water waving two torches at the turtles. It still didn't stop one of them crawling the wrong way and over my foot (It was soft and squidgy)!

At the end of the night we were given a tip that sometimes turtles land late to lay their eggs, and can still be seen after sunrise the next morning after the beach is reopened. Unfortunately we didn't get to see late arrivals, but the sunrise was stunning.

From top to bottom: fresh hatchlings waiting to be released; hatchlings climbing on each other; blurry shapes scuttling towards the surf; a hatchling crawling out to sea; sunrise on Selingan.

PS: The light was so dim from the two torches I had to rely on manual focusing during the main event. Every single shot I took was out of focus!

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