31 October 2010


Pumpkin hunting, jack-o-lanterns and bobbing for apples. Pumpkin soup to come, as is some pecan pie, an attempt to stave off the immediate christmas bombardment by retailers.

10 October 2010

Fire in the sky

Friday evening in Bristol. I've heard the phrase used so often before, but never really grasped it until now.

05 October 2010

04 October 2010

Red cars and golden leaves

For some reason I was drawn to red cars this weekend; old, red cars. Pretty. The Beetle was just off Park Street and the MG next to a bar by the floating harbour.

03 October 2010

Fish, beans and chorizo

It's a miserable day in Bristol. I was going to check out the slow food market, but because of the weather opted to stay in and cook instead. I had some chorizo left over from failed (read: burnt, hence no photo) spanish rice last night, so put it to good use in a gorgeous fish recipe.

I find that the most difficult thing about photographing food is the steam it produces. I was stood on top of my sofa with the camera held out, trying to blow away the steam whilst framing the shot blind. Perhaps people who know what they're doing (like them) wait for it to cool down, but I was too hungry for that!

01 October 2010

Long exposures

A first foray into shutter speeds slower than 1/60, with broken tripod in tow.