27 July 2010


Captured in an art gallery in a side street in Bodegas-Real. It was a large chess board (approx. 1 m squared) with statues of young boys holding weapons in a guerilla fashion. Shame I didn't take down the artist's  or gallery's name.

10 July 2010


Down an alleyway beside the main church in Nerja, a pleasantly framed entrance.

09 July 2010

On the coast

I've just moved to Bristol, and as a result don't have any internet access at home. Here are some pictures from Nerja on the spanish coast, nicknamed 'Europe's balcony'. Supposedly on a clear day you can look across the mediterranean and see the North African coast. Spain seemed to be incredibly misty when I was there.

03 July 2010

Initial reactions from Spain

I didn't initially like all the photos I shot in Spain, in fact I thought I 'underachieved' given the equipment and location presented to me. I wasn't particularly looking forward to processing photos I didn't really like, however I find myself warming to the shots, and really liking quite a few after forcing myself to sit down and go through them.

Here's a boardwalk on the Torre del Mar beach.

02 July 2010

Spanish surf

I just spent the last two weeks on the Costa del Sol. Its such a beautiful part of Spain, and with food to match. Safe to say I'll be back sometime soon!