31 May 2010

First shadows of summer

Back in April 2010, the University of Bath's Visual Arts Society (website, facebook) started their end of year project, unofficially titled "graffiti wall", with guidance from visual artist Deborah Jones. Below: Boards to make up the graffiti wall are primed in the early summer sun.

Blank canvas

27 May 2010

25 May 2010

Camera face

Definition: the face someone makes when a camera is pointed at them. Below: Carme with a camera pointed at her.

Camera face

23 May 2010

Zone of tranquility: revisited

It has evolved, it is bigger, it is more tranquil. It induces sleep (true story). Below: Ernesto enjoys the tranquility.

Revision break

Summer is here

Pity about the exams though. Below: Tom leaves campus and revision for the day.

Going home

19 May 2010

Caffeine glands

The way to a man's heart may be through his stomach, but the way to an engineer's heart is through his caffeine glands... perhaps thats just me. A sweet danish pastry to go with it helps too.

"Coffee and a danish"

17 May 2010

Pasta and paracetamol

And some thermofluids to boot. Being sick during a run-up to exams is an outrageous amount of bad timing, luckily it's not me.

Thermofluids, pasta and paracetamol

16 May 2010

More from Hassan's workshop

Hassan teaching

Hassan Erraji: Moroccan Melodies

I was asked to photograph one of ICIA's music workshops conducted by Hassan Erraji (biography), a blind Moroccan master musician, for staff and students at Bath. I had no idea how successful and internationally respected he was until I did my research for this post.

In the workshop Hassan taught a traditional Moroccan folk song to the participants on their own instruments. Included in the mix was a guitar, trumpet, tin whistles, a piano and some vocal chords. It was very interesting to sit through, however the highlight had to be before the class started when Hassan was warming up on his Oud and violin. The music was incredibly soothing and Hassan commented after a while, "Let me know when you want to start [the class], I can go on like this all day". I wouldn't have complained.

Here is a sample of some of his music - youtube.

Hassan warming up

14 May 2010

Concrete lines

Shot whilst waiting around for another job to start.

Concrete access ramp

13 May 2010

Zone of tranquility

Exams begin in less than a week. Days are getting longer, and the revision more frantic. In order to retain our sanity, my friends and I have created a 'zone of tranquility' where we can go to regroup when it all gets too much. What you can't see are the Bose noise cancelling headphones to make sure you really shut the rest of the world out.

Tom enjoys the tranquility

10 May 2010

Tobias Jacob: Singularities

I've recently teamed up with a good friend of mine and ICIA at the University of Bath to provide them with photographs of their events and ourselves with valuable experience. Its been a busy few months with plenty of studying and photography alike.

Most recently I had the pleasure of sitting in on a rather intimate performance called Singularities by Tobias Jacob (myspace). I thought his music was beautiful and captivating, and we managed to steal an impromptu 5 minute pre-gig photoshoot. I was very surprised and pleased with the results, considering the lighting was extremely difficult and I felt like I had no ideas at the time.

Tobias Jacob: Singularities

Tobias also plays in a band called The Roots Union, heres their myspace, blog and facebook.

05 May 2010

The shallow end

Before I jump in at the deep end with a stream of my photos, I thought I'd place a small welcome note here.

This blog will serve as a place for me to document my own work. The main reason being that its nice having my own photos published, even if it is on my own blog.

If during the course of satisfying my vanity someone else can enjoy looking at a few photos, then great. If someone can enjoy them so much they hire me, even better!

I certainly intend to keep posting regularly, although being an engineering student and starting this during the build up to finals may change that.

You can find out a little about me in my biography at the top of the page.