16 May 2010

Hassan Erraji: Moroccan Melodies

I was asked to photograph one of ICIA's music workshops conducted by Hassan Erraji (biography), a blind Moroccan master musician, for staff and students at Bath. I had no idea how successful and internationally respected he was until I did my research for this post.

In the workshop Hassan taught a traditional Moroccan folk song to the participants on their own instruments. Included in the mix was a guitar, trumpet, tin whistles, a piano and some vocal chords. It was very interesting to sit through, however the highlight had to be before the class started when Hassan was warming up on his Oud and violin. The music was incredibly soothing and Hassan commented after a while, "Let me know when you want to start [the class], I can go on like this all day". I wouldn't have complained.

Here is a sample of some of his music - youtube.

Hassan warming up

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