21 November 2011

13 November 2011

Cooking paella

With Ernesto and Nicole. John Panousis on the other side of the camera.

27 October 2011

Diwali Eid and BUASS

Bath University Asian Student's Society (BUASS), The Eastern Eye, Bath, UK.

31 August 2011

The glass house

This group of guys asked if they could take photos with me, so I took one back. Curious? So was I. The glass house, Bangalore botanical gardens.

23 August 2011

On the luggage rack

Is where I met Lalit. I was on a three hour journey from Agra to Delhi, he was at the end of a 28 hour ride from Mumbai. Lalit is also 23, studies, and works as shopkeeper just outside Delhi with his father and brother. Photos from top to bottom: Lalit (left) and his brother sitting on a luggage rack; Myself teaching Lalit to use my camera; Lalit's brother and friend (photo by Lalit Batra).

16 August 2011

09 August 2011

An elusive chipmunk

For Angie.

I remember I was trying to photograph a chipmunk hopping along the branches, and I'm sure the focusing wasn't that bad... ten points to whoever spots it first?

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