27 February 2011

Cuda @ Bees

Bristol overcome Bath 20-14 in a closely fought game that seemed to span all four seasons, and went right down to the wire. Matching each other score for score for most of the game, Bristol made a successful offensive surge late in the 4th, but Bath failed to secure a game winning touch-down with 22 seconds left on the clock. Thoroughly exciting football!

26 February 2011


I must be honest, the Kinabatangan river was actually brown, but they are pictures of water and I felt they were better in rich blue. I had the pleasure of exploring the Malaysian-Borneo jungle by boat, and noticed the wall of water thrown up by the bow wave. I was amazed at the sheer stopping power of the camera and lens, with shutter speeds at around 1/4000th of a second.

19 February 2011


Spotted whilst walking on a jungle trail on the surprisingly hilly island of Sapi, 15 minutes out from Kota Kinabalu. They were growing on a log which had fallen over the path on a particularly hilly section of the trail.

13 February 2011

Back from Borneo

OK, not quite Borneo, Malaysian-Borneo to be exact. Here's an early morning shot from Selingan, part of the Turtle Islands National Park.