11 January 2011

Pizza at Franco Manca's

Located on Market Row in Brixton and straddling a walkway, Franco Manca's is relatively inconspicuous, yet always busy. Hand built by artisans from Naples, the brick oven is where the magic happens. Someone once told me that the best pizza they ever had was in Naples, if the ovens are anything to do with it, I can certainly see why. Seasonal ingredients, mostly from Italy, also add to the delicious slow-rising sourdough pizzas. They're so proud of their dough that the menu even mentions that the crusts should not be left behind!

Pictured below is the house salad, home-made ginger lemonade, some sort of pork and mozzarella pizza (foreground) and an aubergine and ricotta(?) pizza (background). Forgive me for not catching the exact ingredients, I was too busy scoffing it down and falling in love with the pretty marble table. Seasonal menus so it doesn't matter anyway! Definitely worth a visit.

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