05 December 2010

Mist in the gorge

So I've been wanting to go photograph the Clifton Suspension Bridge in early morning light for a while now, and the first time I saw the bridge I thought, "This would be nice in a fog."

I decided to get up early one morning this weekend to take some photographs, but come seven a.m.  Saturday I was far too comfortable in bed to brave the cold and the dark, and slept until midday instead. Seven a.m. Sunday was the same story, but nine o'clock rolls round and I thought I'd check the weather, just in case. It said fog, which woke me up, then I glanced out the window, which woke me up even more. Ten minutes later I was out the door and scoffing down a chocolate cookie as breakfast.

The walk there was precarious, I was rushing and excited and the ice didn't help matters much. I immediately regretted not wearing my boots. But when I turned the corner to face the bridge I was astounded by the view in front of me.

I spent the next three hours filling my memory card and remained absolutely astounded by the shots I got. I've fallen in love with fog.

Lots more to come, stay tuned!

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  1. Brilliant Ian!
    Love this and your new blog.