09 June 2010

Clear skies

I recently rented the Canon EF 135mm f2.0 L to shoot an ice dancing competition in Bristol. Before I returned it I felt obliged to take it out for a spin (no pun intended), and spent the best part of two hours wandering Bath at sunset. About 200 photos later I'm stunned at the results, and left with an arsenal of photos waiting to be published.

At first I found it difficult to visualise just how much 135mm crops out of my field of view (having been used to 10-30mm), and spent a lot of time looking like a goon with a humongous camera and lens stuck to his face. I soon got used to how far away, or how detailed I had to look to mentally frame my shots.

The performance, needless to say, was incredibly impressive. I had read before that most L lenses keep pictures nicely saturated, and was pleased when this proved absolutely true.

Whilst the picture below doesn't immediately convey the lenses capability when it comes to colour, upon further gazing I feel that it holds onto the subtle changes in colour very well, especially the whisp of orange at the bottom left. Additionally, the colour in the photo is straight off the camera and hasn't been processed at all.

I liked it so much I decided to make it available as a wallpaper, links to download are below.

Clear skies

Download the wallpaper: 1280x800 1024x768

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